The Must-Haves of a News Website

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Many newspapers you know today have gone digital and offer e-paper and online news website services. Digital media has become an important part of modern life and this has posed a challenge for print media. Internet usage has increased tenfold in the pandemic and the challenge is only going to increase in the coming years.

The best online news websites have a lot of distinct features which attract readers and reach a larger target audience. Below are the features that will lead you a long way.

Must-Haves for A Successful News Website

  1. Breaking news
  2. Customized news Website design and development
  3. Easy to Navigate website design
  4. Integration with Social media
  6. Frequent news updates
  7. Advertisement space

Breaking News

The #1 must-have feature for any news website is a breaking news page because it attracts people the most. Instant breaking news updates with unfolding stories are powerful enough to keep the readers active all day. If your news website becomes the first site to bring viewers the latest breaking news, they are more likely to visit your site. Your breaking news page should have the top news from all major industries like political, tech, business, science, and more.

Customized News Website Design and Development

The most modern and successful news websites will allow readers the opportunity to customize their home page, giving them the power to choose sections, contents, topics to their interests. This way, readers will only see the news that interests them, increasing your credibility as a news website as well.

Easy to Navigate Website Design

News websites should have easy-to-navigate designs that will be more likely to reach the audience than those without. The menu of the website should be simple, easy to go through, and in the right position. You will notice that most news websites put their primary navigation menu just below the header and above the content. Similarly, they also have a separate page for trending topics, be it from tech, politics, entertainment, or others.

Integration with Social Media

Today, social media is used as a primary news source. People share their preferred news from their favorite news channels with their friends and family while also giving free media attention to the news websites. Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest examples of social media networks where news is shared. This is why each of your news pieces must have a social media sharing button.


Having gone through the news, readers should be given the option to comment on the news which is an excellent addition to your website design. Considering most viewers want to express their views on particular news such as like and dislike, some opinion and somehow raise their voice, this option is a must.

Frequent News Updates

Continuous content update is essential for a news website. News websites that do this attract the audience. Furthermore, frequent updates also have an effect on your results in the search engine as well. If your news websites have more visits, then google will also rank it more. 

Advertisement Space

Every website requires monetary features that are as important as content service features. Placing the advertisements in the correct place on the news website is very important if you want perks. The most frequently chosen place for banner ads is both left and right sidebars.


Unless you are planning to be left behind in this digital era, it is time you carefully craft a plan for your news website design and development. If your news website lacks an impressive, captivating, creative, user-friendly, and rich content design, it may vanish in the coming future.

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