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About us

NewsReach is an online news aggregator platform which offers digital platform to all the local offline publishers & empower them to increase their advertisement revenue through digital medium. We want to be dominant player to welcome emerging 536 million regional language internet users with existing over 450 million internet users. Our vision is to be known as the leading news aggregator & most trusted online media platform across the globe; offering Local, National & Global news.

Our Local publishers are our asset & we want to help them reach out to a wider mass and support them expand their NEWSPAPER circulation not only in paper medium but also as an e-news edition across the State/Nation. The NEWS AGGREGATOR will act as a strong tool, which will facilitate them to step into a new market segment and showcase their journals, write-ups, articles and strengthen their market share with a strong platform for their online journey forward.

NEWSREACH will act as a bridge between the PUBLISHER and the USER; they will be recognized in the world fraternity and will have thousands of new viewers each day and even more.

Problems faced by Offline Publishers

  1. Local presence
  2. Low local advertising revenue
  3. Targeting only local audience
  4. Technical Barriers.
  5. Unaware about readers’ choice, their behavior, their data, location etc.
  6. No real time news update
  7. Users can’t read important back dated news
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What we provide?

Website & Admin Panel

Wedsite with Mobile Responsive To add, update & manage news

Social Media Accounts

Facebook, Google, twitter, YouTube

Ad Placements

to display ads on website


to track users activity

Domain + Hosting

Technical Support

as per requirement


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