The Hunt Stops Where? Delhi, Lucknow, Gurugram Top on Priyanka’s House Searches as Shifting Begins from Lodhi Estate Bungalow

New Delhi: Shifting home should be a routine thing but not when it’s that of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra whose new home and house shifting carries politics with it.

Issuing eviction order for Priyanka’s Lodhi Estate residence given to her after her marriage, the government asked the Congress leader to vacate the allotted bungalow citing withdrawal of special protection group (SPG) and grant of Z+ security cover by Ministry of Home Affairs in 2019. Whil Congress cried vendetta, Priyanka remained silent.

As the August 1 deadline to vacate approaches, the packing has begun. Earlier this week some of her belongings were seen being sent to 10, Janpath, the residence of her mother Sonia Gandhi.

No one seemed aware of whether Priyanka was shifting to her mother’s home, but sources say it’s unlikely as she has grown-up children and husband Robert Vadra to join in. Priyanka has a huge collection of art which she has got from her grandmother Indira Gandhi and her father’s photographic collection which the Congress leader wants to keep in safe custody.

Her house in Lucknow has already been decided. She is said to occupy the old residence of Indira Gandhi’s aunt, Sheila Kaul, at Gokhle Marg. Priyanka is expected to spend much of her time in Uttar Pradesh’s capital as her party gears up for polls in the state where Congress has almost been wiped out. It is believed that Priyanka stationed in Lucknow would enthuse the cadre and she would be more hands-on with the situation in the critical state of UP.

But back in Delhi, the house hunt is on. Robert Vadra has an office in Delhi’s Sukhdev Vihar where he works from and Priyanka has often been spotted there. While there is speculation that she could shift close to Sukhdev Vihar, it may not be likely for now, say some sources.

The Gandhis have a farmhouse in Chattarpur which has been rarely used and is believed to have been built during the regime of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. But there is also speculation, as some sources say, she could shift to Gurugram with her family. But as expecte,d there is complete silence and no one has any idea on where she would want to make her home. Some say Sonia Gandhi’s residence could be a stop gap considering the Covid times .

But wherever she shifts, Priyanka’s new home is bound to be another address that Congress netas would be looking at keenly and making rounds of. But it’s her Lucknow destination which has got many intrigued.

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