Mitt Romey reveals secret Twitter account

Washington, Oct 21 (IANS) Republican Senator Mitt Romney has revealed that he uses a secret Twitter account under the name ‘Pierre Delecto’.

In an interview with The Atlantic magazine on Sunday, the former presidential candidate admitted that he had a “lurker” Twitter handle to follow the US political conversation anonymously, the BBC reported.

While he did not reveal its name, US news site Slate posted an article speculating it could be ‘Pierre Delecto’, ‘@qaws9876’.

Asked to confirm, Romney said, “C’est moi” (“It’s me”).

The Utah senator and former governor of Massachusetts ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 2012, losing to Barack Obama.

Since January 2019, he has served as a the junior US senator from Utah.

He has publicly questioned President Donald Trump’s fitness for office, writing in the Washington Post that the latter had not “risen to the mantle” of his office.

Trump has attacked the senator several times, most recently calling for his impeachment on Twitter.



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