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‘Miffed’ Over Treatment of Migrants, Adityanath Says States Seeking to Employ UP Workers Will Need Nod

chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said states will now need to seek permission from his government before engaging workers from Uttar Pradesh. Addressing a webinar on Sunday, Adityanath said his government will lay down stringent conditions for ensuring social security of workers from the state who are hired by other states.

“If any state wants manpower, the state government will have to guarantee social security and insurance of the workers. Without our permission they will not be able to take our people. Because the kind of treatment that was meted out [to UP residents]. Seeing that, we have taken the people‚Äôs social security in our hand,” he added.

The chief minister said all migrant workers who have returned to the state were being registered and their skills were being mapped by the administration. Any state or entity interested in hiring them will need to take care of their social, legal and monetary rights.

Speaking about the challenges his administration had faced during the coronavirus crisis, Adityanath said: “When I talk of Uttar Pradesh, then it is natural to say that it is the state with the highest population. We have faced several challenges during the lockdown. At the beginning, migrant workers and labourers started coming to the state. We deployed 16,000 buses and within 24 hours, they were brought back to their home districts and arrangements were made to screen them.”

He also took a dig at opposition leaders for the migrant crisis. “During the lockdown, if those who now raise slogans for the poor had honestly cared about workers, then migration could have been stopped. This did not happen. No facilities were given. At several places, electricity connections were cut, so people had to migrate.” he said.

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