Gas exchange:Law Ministry has given green signal to PNGRB

New Delhi: The way has been cleared to build the National Gas Exchange. According to sources, PNGRB has got the approval of the Law Ministry to regulate the gas exchange under the existing rules. The Law Ministry has approved the exchange / trading hub. According to sources, PNGRB Act will be amended if required. PNGRB approached the Ministry of Petroleum after the Legal Advisor report.

Legal Advisor DSK questioned the authority of PNGRB. According to Legal Advisor, PNGRB does not have the authority to regulate trading hubs. The Legal Advisor also stated that PNGRB does not have the authority to set up a gas grid management service. According to sources, the Law Ministry has given the green signal to PNGRB to proceed. Cabinet approval for gas exchange is also possible soon.

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