Glamour Queen Nikita Rawal Proves Ray of Hope for HIV Positive Children

In our society where HIV infected people seen as down upon and are considered curse even for their family, this glamour queen Nikita Rawal proved to be a ray of hope for children suffering from HIV.

Glamour Queen Nikita Rawal

Nikita Rawal working as an angel for these children. Nikita stint with social work started in the year 2012 when she started out Aastha Foundation for HIV positive children who were neglected by their family and society and were left behind dying on railway tracks or garbage.

the most enduring part of her initiative is that she herself funds all the expenses for the foundation without any external support. She basically funds it through her Kathak dance shows and film projects. The real thought or reason for starting the initiative has been the reason for HIV positive children not getting proper life or normal schooling. Till date, she has adopted around 50 to 60 children mainly comprising girls aged between 4 and 16.

She has got over 50 volunteers supporting her initiative. The good initiative does not stop here she also taken to clean up Nayanagar locality which was earlier a dumping ground and is family of around 1500 women and till date 7-8 people has been dead earlier. Nikita is just not involved in the cleanup initiative but also distributes sanitary napkins and medicines in the area.

Nikita has a successful stint in glamour industry as well. Nikita Rawal started her carrer in 2010 working in film namely Black and White with Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah, Mr. Hot Mr. Kool, The Hero-Abhimanyu, Ammaa Ki Boli, Garam Masala with Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, Roti Kapda and Romance with Arshad Warsi and Chunky Pandey.

Nikita has also been many prestigious awards namely Showbiz Icon Award, Mid Day Icon Award and also got praised for shooting music video for social causes from Innocent Virus films which was telecast on NDTV.

Glamorous career but mostly dedicating her life for social causes is what makes Nikita Rawal a great personality,as it’s not easy for someone to understand the real meaning of life and real worth of yours. Nikita Rawal is one really understood life and herself in a better way than others.

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