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We have identified the core of players for T20 World Cup: India baseball coach Vikram Rathour

Batting coach Vikram Rathour on Tuesday called the new generation of Indian cricketers "incredible" and said the team management has already identified the core of players for the T20 World Cup in October-November.
Rathour was speaking before the third T20I between India and New Zealand at Seddon Park on Wednesday, with the lads in Blue leading the five-match series 2-0.
"Adjustments will keep happening till the eleventh hour . But as far as i'm concerned and therefore the team management cares , we've the core. we all know what our team goes to be. Unless there's a case of injury or really bad loss in form, i do not see many changes happening," said Rathour.
With one eye on T20 World Cup in Australia, India are on experimentation mode since the beginning of the house season in September last year, giving opportunities to host youngsters including Shreyas Iyer, Washington Sundar, Deepak Chahar and Shivam Dube.
The T20 team has been doing rather well in New Zealand and therefore the young guns have contributed significantly to its success, leaving the baseball coach hugely impressed.
"This new generation of cricketers is incredible. I find it amazing actually that they happen and that they are at their best immediately across different formats, different grounds and different countries actually. the quantity of your time they took to urge settled (here in NZ)) was outstanding actually, he said.
India won the dual matches in Auckland because of brilliant outings from KL Rahul and Iyer. The baseball coach expressed satisfaction that the younger batsmen are stepping forward for the team's cause.
"The more opportunities that these guys get, they're showing that they're capable. they're showing that they're match-winners on their day. which will help the team, of course, but it'll also help their confidence.
"Having seen KL (Rahul) and Shreyas as young cricketers coming through, in my mind, I even have absolutely little question that they're match-winners. they're getting their opportunities now and that they are showing the planet what they're capable of, that's great to ascertain ," he said.
Rathour feels Iyer's mindset makes him a far better player.
"Apart from having those (batting) skills, i feel the state of mind is amazing. He (Iyer) believes he's an enormous player, and he is, with none doubt. He genuinely believes that he's a match-winner and he's here to remain . which mindset i feel helps him, that's the most important advantage he has," he said.
When asked about the power of the present generation to find out from the IPL whilst maintaining percentage shots as big hits, Rathour said, Big power-hitters and every one , that point was there initially, people wont to think T20 is more to try to to with power-hitting but it isn't the case anymore. Proper cricketing shots, you continue to get value for shots."
Talking about the difference needed from one format to a different , the coach said: "Players play such a lot cricket lately , all three formats consistently, day-in, day-out, they're making these adjustments on their own. the sport of cricket has changed with times. Even in Test cricket, big shots are common. i do not think it's that big a difference.
"It is more of a state of mind thing and about game plan. As a teacher , i do not think we actually got to tell them anything. they're doing it on their own. they're stronger, fitter than from our generation. you'll see that they're hitting big sixes and with none effort, that way the sport has changed."
The next three games at Hamilton, Wellington and Mt. Maunganui are going to be played at regular-sized grounds unlike Eden Park in Auckland. Rathour hinted that there won't be many alterations to the team's strategy, aside from the bowlers firming up new plans as per conditions on offer.
"You check out the conditions and go. It (Seddon Park) may be a bigger ground, it's a daily ground, but we are still looking to play normal cricket, good cricket. i do not think it alters anything. Maybe for the bowlers with their lengths, but with the batters, doesn't make any difference.
"On bigger grounds (like in Australia), running between wickets will cover the sport plan. an honest game plan is about players who check out things , conditions and accordingly bat. If we play on bigger grounds, i'm sure this team is capable of running twos and threes and adjust their game accordingly, he said.
Since his appointment as baseball coach of the senior team, a neighborhood of Rathour's brief has been to mention the younger batsmen within the side. therein aspect, he expressed satisfaction in terms of how the younger generation is coming through via A-tours.
"A-tour helps tons . just in case of any injuries, if you're trying to find any replacements, we all know players are here, just a city away. they will immediately are available and that they are already acclimatized to the conditions. i feel that's an excellent idea and that is working rather well for our team.
"The foreign pitches are becoming more even and even. there's not that vast a difference now love it wont to be earlier. and therefore the amount of cricket these guys are playing, as a teacher you cannot do anything about not having practice sessions but they're adjusting beautifully.
"Nobody is cribbing, nobody is complaining. you do not see anyone talking about grass on the wicket, moisture, etc," he added.


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