Deepika Padukone: I am not become actress for money making

Deepika Padukone has added another chug to her career by playing the role of producer in ‘Chhapak’.

But the actress says that I didn’t invest in the construction sector to make money. In fact, I wanted to make a creative contribution to this creative film. And in the future I will try my hand at the construction sector when such opportunities are available. It is worth mentioning here that the film ‘Chhapak’, directed by Meghan Gulzar, is the story of a well-known acid victim.

When he refused to marry a young man, the young man made acid on his face and shaped it. Then the struggle began. The actress says that these days, actresses are also contributing to creativity by entering other fields. 

Deepika further said that I was happy and still am as an actress. But I think this is the golden age of participating in creative fields other than acting. 

Be it makeup, costumes, hairstyles or any other field of filmmaking. Of course, the reason people are working together in different fields now is the demand for work in other fields. Nevertheless I would say so precisely that the enjoyment of acting as an actress in ‘Om Shanti Om’ was anything but.

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