Fifth Annual Whitefield Art Collective Inaugurated

Whitefield Art Collective (WAC) the award-winning public art initiative announced the inauguration of its month long fifth edition on Friday February 07 2020. WAC 2020 encourages creative explorations around the theme of sustainability through partnerships with leading institutions and notable individuals from the artistic community. Collaborators this year include Srishti Institute of Art Design Technology JD Institute of Fashion Technology Art Flute Indian Garbage Collective The Broke Artist Collective Aravani Arts Project and Synesthesia Collective.

Humpbacked Mahseer by artists Nithin Sadhu and Rahul KP

WAC 2020 is supported by Yuj Kutumb The Yog Foundation.As for previous editions VR Bengaluru as part of its Connecting Communities initiative that aims to encourage civic pride strengthen the local economy and enhance the city national and international image will be the primary venue partner. WAC 2020 is also supported by The Waverly Hotel Residences Gravity Events Burger King and Grover Wines.

Fifth Annual Whitefield Art Collective Inaugurated 62

Bose Krishnamachari President Kochi Biennale with Sumi Gupta Curator WAC 2020

Bose Krishnamachari President Kochi Biennale Foundation inaugurated the festival by unveiling the annual VR Art Car painted this year by the Bengaluru based women and trans-women art collective -Aravani Art Project. The unveiling was followed by a fireside chat between Bose and WAC Curator Sumi Gupta at the Living Room of The Waverly. The inaugural event culminated with Wearable Art – a show by JD Institute of Fashion Technology at Skydeck.

Fifth Annual Whitefield Art Collective Inaugurated 63

The Last Resort by Artist Binoj Balakrishna (Mixed Media Sculpture)

Speaking on the occasion Sumi Gupta Curator of the Festival said I am thrilled to steer this fantastic public initiative in its fifth year. This edition of WAC has incredible collaborations with institutions and student artists from across Bengaluru creating a vibrant platform for large-scale installations sculptures. Over the next month WAC 2020 will bring together a community of connoisseurs art students patrons and the citizens of Bengaluru in a celebration of the city art and culture.

Special guests at the inauguration included senior artist Seema Kohli Director Writer Producer Shonali Bose and author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu. From tomorrow visitors will enjoy a dedicated month of artistic immersion during which VR Bengaluru the venue partner will be a hub of activity with installations exhibitions an art bazaar art cinema screenings art workshops a children art competition and several other exciting events.

Day two of WAC 2020 saw a panel discussion moderated by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu with panelists Sumi Gupta Shonali Bose Shonali Bose Director Writer Producer and Seema KohliContemporary Artist on the topic of Women in Art. This was also the first episode of Season 2 part of the ongoing Salon with Sree series held in association with the Whitefield Literary Society.

Billed as a show designed to reinforce Bengaluru position as one of India premier art destinations visitors will enjoy a dedicated month of artistic immersion during which VR Bengaluru will be a hub of activity. Lined up are installations exhibitions an art dessert bazaar an art bazaar art cinema screenings art workshops a children art competition and several other exciting events.

Getting the young brains on board WAC 2020 will get The Art Yard kicking with children aged six and above invited to transform waste from their homes into works of art. They could add their creations to the larger installation and grab that opportunity to look beyond use and throw.That way the young talents would be giving a big push to creative alternatives that banks on repurpose and reuse.Ensuring that the two-day engagement goes ahead flawlessly will be trained art facilitators of ArtFlute and Dream-a-Dream. The latter is an NGO that empowers children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity through a creative life skills approach.

UnGallery with its promise to turn spaces into gallery nook; Re-Imagine Bengaluru and a Base Art project to beckon students from Art Schools and reputed city art groups to paint on the walls of the basement is bound to make WAC 2020 even more exciting.

For VR Bengaluru hosting WAC is part of its local Community initiative. This is an ongoing project aimed at promoting regional art and artists encouraging civic pride strengthen the local Whitefield economy and embody the spirit of sustainability.

To put WAC 2020 in a nutshell it will be all about celebrating art. VR Bengaluru will morph into a hub of artistic innovation blending aesthetics with creativity.

February 14-15

Children Art Competition

February 14-15

The Art Yard

February 22-23

Re-Imagine Bengaluru

February 22

UnGallery-Spaces Beyond

February 23

Art Cinema

Febuary 29- March 1

Art Bazaar

March 1-5

Basement Art Project

About the Venue Partner

VR Bengaluru is Virtuous Retail flagship centre for Bengaluru and the first-of-its-kind community centric lifestyle destination in India. VR Bengaluru plays host to award-winning boutique hotel residences collaborative work spaces for companies and entrepreneurs a multi-level premium retail arcade and a range of FB all set within a public park. Its multiple large and small event venues along with its innovative programming has made it the go to destination for connoisseurs of music art literature and special interest community initiatives in Whitefield and from across Bengaluru.

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