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Enter the brave new world of digital. The digital ecosystem is endless, ever-expanding, and packed with boundless possibilities. We know the transition and sustainability in this new world can be a challenge for your business. Hence, we are here to provide full-spectrum support and a guided pathway in the new world of digital.

What we do?


We help you create distinctive websites leaving a strong impact on your audience. Our focus is to make websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate.


We help you increase your revenue streams by using various monetization techniques to get the optimum value of your content.

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We are providing one of a kind content marketplace platform, where you can buy/sell/licence content from verified content creators.

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India being a developing country there is almost 70% rural and semi-urban population. In specific, the news industry has an enormous number of publishers from Tier 2, 3 & 4.

This population has limited access to technology and resources but with high spirits to build something which helps the local voice reach masses.

The epiphany of the gap between the desire of these publishers to make their voice reach masses and the technical shortfall taking them 10 steps back is what started the journey of NewsReach, alongside my co-founder Darshan Shah.

Soniya Kundnani

COO & Co-Founder, NewsReach

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