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Yoga helps Shveta recover from surgery

Shveta Salve has been recovering from surgery at her home.

The actor-mum took to Instagram to reveal how she found a solution through yoga to stay healthy in the lockdown.

Shveta shared pictures of her doing three yoga poses and wrote: ‘Did you know that just 10 minutes of Yoga per day can seriously reduce your risk of caring about what people think.’

‘Today I practiced the shoulder standing series .. especially trying to master these because not too long ago I broke my left clavicle and underwent a surgery which has left me with a 9 inch titanium plate and a few screws in there.’

‘Even though it’s titanium and I’ve been told that it’s good for life, I have started to notice the discomfort. Now in these COVID times, getting another surgery to remove the plate seems a bit far fetched. Hence strengthening it was the best option according to me!’

Shveta can be seen acing three yoga poses:

  1. Salamba Sarvangasana: Shoulder Stand
  2. Halasana: Plow Pose
  3. Karnapidasana: Ear Pressure Pose