Malaika Arora’s immunity booster is high on vitamin C; check it out

In your quest to boost immunity, there is nothing like a homemade recipe that is not only full of antioxidants but also helps you stay hydrated. The role of vitamin C in supporting a healthy immune system is well known, such that it helps heal and repair healthy bones, skin, teeth and cartilage. A good dose of vitamin C, which can easily be found in citrus fruits, also helps delay ageing.

Actor Malaika Arora recently shared how she boosts her immunity through a simple immunity-boosting drink.

Here’s what she said: “While abiding by the rules (in the unlockdown phase), you still have to work on your immunity. Considering the conditions outside, you need to stay healthy and so does your immune system. Everyone has different ways of maintaining that immunity. Here is my way”.

“This is a true blue make in India home remedy. Age-old traditional tried and tested homemade immunity booster. Indian gooseberry (amla), fresh organic turmeric and ginger root with some apple cider vinegar and a dash of peppercorns is all it takes to make this magic potion. For better results, ensure that your ACV is with mother and in its purest form. Just blend these ingredients together and enjoy it’s health boosting properties. With all the immunity booster clutter suddenly available in the in the name of Covid 19, stick to this home made, quick and organic recipe for best results,” she added.

Here’s how to make it.


Piece of ginger
Wet haldi
Few peppercorns
Apple Cider Vinegar


*Slice the amla.
*Put all the ingredients into a mixie with some water and apple cider vinegar. Blend.
*Strain the residue. Drink the mixture.

How to have it?

Drink the freshly made concoction every morning.

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