A tech to assist those with neuro disorders

KOCHI: When it involves caring for those with neuro-development disorders, much must be done. a serious problems faced by them, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is developing social skills. “It is extremely tough to coach them. Since my mother, an expert in clinical linguistics, worked with the Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neuro Sciences, i used to be constantly exposed to the trials and tribulations of those children,” says Sathyanarayanan A R, CEO, Embright Infotech Pvt Ltd.So, he decided to try to to something about it. Sathyanarayanan’s experience in virtual reality-assisted technology (VR) while working as an innovation specialist helped him to return up with a corporation that develops VR healthcare solutions.

“Together with my friend Bobin Chandra, a management specialist, I founded Embright Infotech Private Limited in May 2017,” he said.Their flagship product, XR Healthcare, provides affordable home therapy for patients affected by neurodevelopmental disorders like ASD, spastic paralysis and retardation , stroke and trauma, during a safe and fun environment with an immersive experience.

“This therapeutic application is predicated on computer game which has already been adopted in surgery simulation, phobia treatment, robotic surgery and skill training for healthcare professionals to find out new skills also as refreshing existing ones,” he said. The benefit and advantage of using VR are that it provides an immersive near-to-human experience, he added.

“Also, the technology gives the youngsters simple communicating strategies that cause awareness and acceptance of the surface world. Providing parental involvement during a safe, fun and immersive module ensures their engagement during a social and meaningful way,” said Sathyanarayanan.

The platform developed by Embright is named XR-AI-based assistive technology platform for autism spectrum disorder and education .

According to Sathyanarayanan, already the corporate has engaged with the Social Department of Justice . “We have already distributed VR headsets to 6 Buds Schools in Kannur, Kasaragod and Malappuram. The VR headsets provide the youngsters with realtime experience during a virtual world and help them acquire the much-needed social skills,” he said. The results at the Buds Schools are wonderful, he added.

“The children have shown great improvement,” said Sathyanarayanan. Another facet of the VR platform is to show special children traffic rules. “You can’t expect to require an autistic child to the road to show them the way to cross the road. they could get bewildered and it'll find yourself a really traumatic experience for them. However, learning the way to cross a road becomes very easy using VR,” he said.

As for the expansion plans, he said, “We are getting to expand to other cities and states within the country, especially remote areas. Within months we are getting to expand outside the state and found out therapy and R&D centres across the GCC countries, UK and US,” he said.

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