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Tips for preparing your 2022 marketing strategy


2021 is a very special year for marketing professionals, due to the impact of the health crisis linked to Covid-19 and the strong changes in consumer practices that have resulted from it. 2022 promises to be an exciting and challenging year as well, but will require continuing to adapt to the situation. Do you want to take stock of your priorities and the strategies to put in place? There was a new report on the evolution of marketing. More than 3,400 marketers based around the world were surveyed, and data was collected from 70,000 customers. The result is presented in the form of a 120-page white paper, completely free, with 10 chapters for as many strategies to put in place. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in this guide.

Content marketing

If you still had any doubts, it is no longer allowed today. Content is king, and thinking about implementing such a strategy is a must. Combined with SEO, it makes it possible to stand out, to offer optimized and personalized experiences and to attract qualified prospects. Covid-19 has significantly increased the number of content viewed online, but also consumer expectations in this area. Marketers must therefore adapt, in particular by publishing messages with more empathy, more sobriety, showing the role and usefulness of the company, but also by confirming it with the facts. To do better in 2021, we propose to tackle thematic groups, in order to improve your visibility on search engines and better reflect the topics you deal with.


Search engine optimization

Providing quality information to Internet users is a good thing, but they still have to find it. SEO plays an important role in this area. You still have to pay attention to one essential point: link the KPIs of your SEO to your business objectives to judge its real effectiveness. Another important topic: take advantage of the increase in overall traffic that began during containment by answering questions that your customers and prospects may have, even if it means modifying or adding pages. Not to mention, of course, that SEO is a strategy that often pays off in the long run. To optimize their strategy, marketers generally prioritize three things: optimizing load times, optimizing pages for mobile and localization. What will open up new avenues for you as well?

Social media marketing


Today, there is no longer any question of publishing generic messages on social networks if you want to be listened to by your customers and prospects. Personalization has become the norm. Have you checked TikTok? Well it became a new norm for the new and old generation. You can buy TikTok followers and get more attention with social media marketing. Here again, it was important to adapt to Covid-19, in particular by filling the gaps in the editorial calendar linked to the cancellation of numerous events, and by answering the questions that the situation raised. Listening to its community to provide relevant content is also a strong trend for 2021. The topics of conversation are changing and we must adapt to it, the use of networks too: TikTok was thus one of the big winners of this period.


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