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We can say that public relations and press releases are two sides of the same coin. They can work independently but when in collaboration, they can make a strong strategic communication plan which helps in building and maintaining a positive brand or organizational image. We at NewsReach would like to explore this correlation for you which is as follows:

  • Media Coverage and Exposure:
    PR- One of the objectives of PR is to gain media coverage for brand visibility, public perception, and awareness. All brands use PR strategies to strategically promote their brand to gain an audience.

    Press Release- Press release is a tool used to gain media coverage. Journalists seek newsworthy stories from press releases to do a feature about which ultimately leads to media exposure for a brand or organization, fueling their image in front of the current and future audience.

  • Controlled Messaging:
    PR- Professionals dealing with public relations craft strategies to set the narrative that aligns with the brand’s objectives. They manage the messaging surrounding their clients and their organization.

    Press Release- PR professionals can control the messaging through press releases. Press release has proven to be a controlled form of communication. Organizations carefully craft the tonality, language, and content of the press release, depending on the objective and the narrative they are trying to set in front of the audience. Staying consistent regarding press releases is of great significance for a brand because this also establishes a path of communication between the brand and its consumers.

  • Building Credibility & Trust:
    PR- This is the fundamental goal of any PR agency. This involves staying truthful, transparent, and positive in the messages that a brand puts forth for its audience. A brand’s positive image is significantly dependent on the trust its audience has in it and how consistent they in maintaining its credibility.

    Press Release- Well-written press releases are a way to build credibility for a brand through well-crafted content including reliable and accurate information about the brand. If media agencies and journalists use press releases as a base for their feature stories then that builds credibility for the brand and projects a positive brand image.

  • Media Relations-
    PR- This is the core aspect of a PR agency where a good, transparent, and stable relationship is cultivated between journalists and media outlets. This is to keep negative coverage in check and enhance brand image.

    Press Release- They serve as a direct link of communication between media and an organization. They offer journalists with concise and factual information which they can use as a basis for their stories.

  • Information Dissemination-
    PR- The main job of PR professionals is to distribute information to the respective target audience through various tools and social media channels to gain a good response.

    Press Release- They serve as the means to distribute information to the media so that it can reach the audiences. The strategically crafted and well-written documents are designed to capture the attention of journalists, to provide them with newsworthy content they can publish.



At NewsReach we work strategically to blend the arts of public relations and press release to serve your brand with a good image and perception. We use this tactical framework to serve you with content that will enhance your brand image and build credibility among current and future audiences. The collaboration between PR and press releases is a strategic move for small businesses to grow efficiently in small periods and gain a wider audience.

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