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Revamp and revolutionize Offline Local newspaper publishers digitally to the next level and monetize the content in the most efficient and productive manner.

To be recognized as the 1st regional content syndicator platform and advertisement network facilitating one and all.

About the company
Behind million questions and debates amongst each other; two progressive minds conceived the brilliant idea of NewsReach, bridging humongous gaps between digital News content and old school newspapers. The minds of Soniya and Darshan succeeded in reaching out to all tiers (II/III/IV) cities across the nation, without transmuting the regional dialect, largely preferred by locals. The idea incepted in 2015 of the Digital India campaign is now in absolute precision, significantly prevalent in each market and industry segment, and is now a reality.

At NewsReach, we aim to uplift the ever booming and dynamic News industry in the digital realm and witness a complete paradigm shift by simply making things happen as we visualize. Our objective is to bring forth the publishers in the digital plethora and help them reach the largest mass through visible deliverables and marketability. In addition, we will provide support for content syndication for all local and regional newspaper publishers – helping them take their first step towards digitization.